Solo Adventure, Safe Travel, Peace of Mind

How It works

Putting an event on BeBackBy starts a timer. If I hit the Home and Safe button before time runs out, no one has to be told anything. If I don't, everyone that needs to know, gets to know. They get peace of mind knowing I use the app. I get peace of mind knowing that I can get help even if I'm somewhere with no signal.

I'm a biker, a runner, a hiker, a backpacker.

I don't want to have to call "The List" every time I go out. Still, if I don't make it back in a reasonable time, I want someone to know where I am. I want the people on my list to stop worrying. This app solves that problem. I don't have to tell everyone when I go. I only have to tell them if I'm not home and safe.

Sounds Great! Sign me up!